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Bexley Contract cleaners

Blue Sparkle Cleaning has been contract cleaning in Bexley for over three decades. We have a great local team that provide the best cleaning service possible at a time that suits you and to your specific requirements.

Contract cleaning is a big part of our business, but we also carry out a lot of specialist cleaning and high level window cleaning as well.

You will be dealing with one of the oldest and hardest working cleaning companies in Bexley. Our staff are very well trained, helpful and flexible in their work. They are managed by your account manager who is always available for help and assistance.

The company is very well established, professional and has a large group of specialist cleaners available to help you keep your business clean. We have several clients that we work for in Bexley to carry out contract cleaning, specialist cleaning and window cleaning.

Call to arrange a no obligation quotation and we would be happy to share testimonials from our very satisfied clients.