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New build cleans

Whether you’re a contractor with a mess to clear out, or a property owner left to sort it, our new build cleans take care of all the typical dirt and debris left by building works.

Any kind of building or improvement works inevitably create a mess and often a challenging one; paint trodden into carpets, sawdust, offcuts, nails, brick dust, broken glass, scuff marks, sticky patches, smears, cement dust and glues are impossible to deal with by vacuum and soapy water alone! We work with contractors and their clients providing total post building work cleans that tackle even the toughest marks and dirt to leave new spaces looking new for grand unveilings or just getting on with business.

New build floor cleaning
Cleaning a new building
Floor polishing

Floors, ceilings, walls and windows

Our widely skilled team clean every surface to a perfect finish; floors soak up some of the most difficult cleaning challenges in a build but walls and windows are equally important and we have trained staff and the latest equipment to deal with every kind of dirt effectively and quickly. Window cleaning is a speciality of ours, inside and out, with dedicated high level window cleaners available as well and we also have specialist steam cleaning equipment for upholstery, carpets and other fabrics.

Dealing with the dust

Dust is one of the biggest problems raised by building works and can extend well beyond the immediate area where the work was done; a quick vacuum and dust may leave the place appearing tidy but it doesn’t take long for the dust buried deep in fabrics to get into the atmosphere and all round the building via air conditioning. We apply a meticulous approach which doesn’t just brush the dust up but completely removes it utilising specialist carpets and upholstery steam cleaning to get it out of fabrics and careful scrubbing and cleaning in every hidden corner, skirting board, door frame, handle and partition join to ensure that what looks clean at a glance really is clean from building waste deep down.

Dust cleaning
HSE Compliant

Professional cleaning services, fully HSE compliant

We’re proud to have a long history in cleaning; over a quarter of a century, and retain that expertise in our long serving managerial and supervisory staff as well as many of our cleaners. Every project is fully surveyed and risk assessed for health and safety compliance and our teams arrive on site with all the equipment, materials and manpower needed to finish the clean on time and on budget.